Pre-Conference Day 2022

Come join us on the 16th May 2022, in Belfast, for our PCE Day:

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We are DELIGHTED to share the inforamtion of our TWO Scholrahsips wionners for this year:

Meagan Gaskell

Teaching was something I had never considered, but in 2015 a sudden change in my circumstances led me to enrol on a TEFL course. To gain experience I started volunteering at various language schools teaching a mix of adults and teenagers. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and decided to take my training further, completing the CELTA in 2016. A year later I was offered a job teaching ESOL classes for Medway Adult Education in Kent, England, and this is where my passion for teaching really ignited. Through my ESOL classes I have had the pleasure of meeting students from around the world, who have made the UK their home, whether by choice or unfortunate circumstance. It is a huge privilege to support them on their journey to better employment, educational opportunities and to fit in with life in an English-speaking country.

My journey to become a better teacher has led me to enrol on a Delta course which I am in the final stages of completing. I also joined IATEFL and the ESOLsig to further expand my network of likeminded individuals and to continue learning and growing. Another aspect of teaching I love is the fact that there is always more to learn. Although I wish I had begun my teaching career earlier, I am grateful to be where I am now and look forward to continuing my journey, working with and learning from fellow teachers and of course my students.

When I’m not in the classroom I enjoy gardening for wildlife, cooking, writing silly verse for kids and spending time with my cat, Scritch.

Murad Alhamwi

My name is Murad Maher Alhamwi, I am originally from Aleppo, Syria. I am an English language lecturer in first place. I am passionate about teaching English to second language learners. I have been teaching English for few years now in different countries as Syria, UAE, and the UK.
In the last few years, I became more interested in helping and supporting asylum seekers and refugees and dedicated all my efforts to specially help Syrians recently arriving to the UK through the VPRS offered by the British government.
I am currently researching the linguistic aspect of language acquisition aspects to L2 learners and recently published my work at Swansea university.

Many, many congratulations to both our very worthy winners – we look forward to meeting you in May.

Thanks also to all of you who applied for the scholarship.


As part of the IATEFL Annual Conference, there are showcase days for each Special Interest Group.

We will share the information about our Showcase Day here soon.

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