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Welcome to the website pages of the IATEFL ESOL SIG.

We are an IATEFL Special Interest Group interested in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), run by a Committee of volunteers.

We provide news, events (PCE days, Conference Days and Webinars) and produce a newsletter – sign up to follow our website now and see what we do.

A message from our Co-ordinator….

Dear ESOL SIG members,

It is a great honour to be the ESOL SIG coordinator working with our wonderful committee (Pauline Blake-Johnston, Kathryn Sidaway, Lora Agbosa, Vivi Bairami, and Roshii Jolly) to bring together an international network of passionate ESOL teachers. Our SIG is diverse, dedicated, and dynamic. It comprises teachers and administrators working in various contexts from refugee camps to higher education colleges to privately funded charities. We are passionate about what we do and we know you are also. We aim to address your needs, the current trends and challenges in our field, as well as external issues which impact our classrooms. 

I look forward to working with you and hearing from you!

– Lesley




The benefits of being part of our Special Interest Group:

  • a regular newsletter, including articles from well known practitioners in the field of ES(O)L
  • updates about the ES(O)L SIG work on the IATEFL Bulletins
  • a discounted rate to attend our annual Pre-Conference Event
  • a discounted rate to attend the annual IATEFL Conference and option to submit a proposal to speak
  • the option to apply for scholarships to attend IATEFL each year
  • exclusive access to the collection of monthly IATEFL webinars with leading ELT professionals

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